art is always evolving and challenging not only itself, but also society's preconceptions of it. so the world of photography now embraces visions as diverse as Cartier Bresson, Titarenko and Friel
Andrew James Kirkwood - chromographix 2018

friel sees the world differently and translates his outlook through his experimental photographic practice. he is known as one of the most innovative image makers working today
Anna Bonita Evans - back and white photography magazine 2018

some of the most quietly beautiful, personal and moving landscape photography to be made in living memory
Alex Boyd - curator of hyperborea 2017

This body of work is arguably one of the most poignant and mesmerising series of images ever produced
Joseph wright - jw editions 2017

The haunting, desolate landscapes of friel are passing fragments of stories untold
dark silence - 2017

before coming across the work of chris friel, everything I’d been fed from other photographers was all about sharpness. But here was this image looking back at me from the screen where almost nothing was sharp. I went back to his photostream constantly over the next two or three days, and I realised there was another way of expressing myself with photography
Doug Chinnery - composition masterclass 2018

As a contemporary image maker friel is of his time, his brokendown, disintegrated, deconstructed, and reformed subjects are embued with soliditiy, frailty, mass, texture, and extreme juxtapositions of tone and shape, at times bold in their reforming and others mere ghosts and smears of their original states, they are compelling images. I feel I, and sense many others, have in the past strived for something that ultimately makes us the same, perhaps a want or need to be accepted by an orthodoxy. Friel challenges this, uniquely
Jonathan bell - does photography have to be so boring ? 2016